Mechanical Engineering gets PUCP recognized as an I+D center


The National Council of Science, Technology and Technological Innovation (Concytec in Spanish), after having conducted a thorough investigation, awarded the PUCP the authorization to work as a Center of Scientific Research and Technological Development (I+D) in the field of Mechanical Engineering. This honor is recognizing the work of the multiple professors of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, who have been working on research and on projects of development of machinery and prototypes for the industrial sector.

The PUCP is one of the few universities that have obtained this authorization in the discipline of Mechanical Engineering, and this achievement was not easy. Mg. Veronica Montoya, Head of the Innovation Office of the DGI, explained that “we had to prove that we have a good team of work, that the registered professionals have Master’s and Doctor’s degrees and that they work full time here. All of that to ensure that we are experts. We presented the documentation, we went through an exam, and then we received some inspectors who verified all of it was true”. As a part of this process, 17 professors were registered, as well as the laboratories of Materials, Manufacture and Energy.

As an authorized discipline, the field of Mechanical Engineering will now be able to work with sectors that look for technological and strategical solutions that will increase their productivity. “Our goal is to produce equipment and prototypes with the best quality standards that will optimize productivity, energy efficiency, materials, and the sustainability of resources for the metal, food, energy and construction industries” says Dr. Luis Chirinos, coordinator of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. In this regard, Mg. Ericka Madrid, coordinator of the Mechatronics major, mentions that it is fundamental to encourage the participation of multidisciplinary teams that contribute to the formation of holistic proposals. On this subject, Dr. Chirinos adds that “each field brings knowledge and technologies that, from monodisciplinarity, would be unfeasible”.

Besides the field of Mechanical Engineering, the PUCP has other 13 disciplines authorized in I+D, which allows the companies interested in working with some of our experts to do so. Furthermore, thanks to this authorization, said companies will be receiving the benefit of Law 30309, which grants a 175% reduction on the income tax of expenses related to investigation, development, and innovation (I+D+i).

The discipline of Mechanical Engineering has already started the process to receive Concytec’s authorization in Innovation (i), which is a category different from Investigation and Development.

Source: Punto Edu