SME PUCP finalist in the Move Mining international program


The team formed by the students Brigitte Bermudez, Jean Manyari, Ytamar Chávez, Bruno Rivera, Marc Anthony Alva and Samuel Cornejo, SME PUCP´s members, became one of the five finalists of the Move Mining international event, organized by The Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (SME). Let us know more about your proposal and your experience in the event.

What objectives does the Move Mining event pursue?

The international program Move Mining aims to help to change the global perception for mining industry using innovation, creativity and technology, encouraging research for the creation, development and dissemination of new ideas on the change of positive perception of mining.

Ideas that form the new pillars of this great industry are addressed with several topics such as economics, energy, environment, infrastructure, innovation, technology and security.

With what proposal did you participate?

We introduced the Mining Revolution project, whose objective is to get more professionals, involved in the mining sector, to promote good relations between mining companies and rural communities, in order to obtain sustainable development in mining projects around the world and, at the same time, raise awareness on the role of authorities. For this, we will take as a central point the improvement in the structuring of the international tools of environment and social sustainability. We will be able to form thus interdisciplinary groups, which would receive training, and make the necessary improvements in the various chapters, with the support of professors, mining companies and representatives of peasant communities. Then, pilot programs would be applied in the different mining units promoting dialogue. Finally, the implementation of the programs would be made through the dissemination of campaigns and training, thus achieving the correct development of a sustainable economic and social development.

What needs of the population did you want to satisfy with your proposal?

Mistrust and lack of information about how mining companies work on environmental controls have affected the relationship with local residents. In addition, the lack of experience in the dialogue with the local people by the company and the absenteeism of the Government have accentuated the problem.  Our project seeks to solve the problem among mining companies, local residents and authorities.

What were your motivations to present your proposal?

Brigitte Bermúdez Santander

At the beginning of the year, our group, the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration – Student Chapter of the PUCP, set out to develop a work plan, whose main objective is to promote research and innovation in the mining sector, seeking academic and professional growth of our members; as well as its integration into several research programs that are to be implemented this year.

Ytamar Chavez Saico

The opportunity to gather more partners in this adventure motivated us to improve the management of our Student Chapter, achieving that the interest and commitment of each one is enough to be able to begin in this research stage, learning the necessary tools along the way and bringing together colleagues interested in the mining field.

Jean Michael Manyari Jiménez

One of our new proposals was the active participation of this group in various competitions and research and innovation activities, in order to integrate more students to the group and, like us, have an interest in the mining field. As a student of the academic program of Industrial Engineering, I was motivated, largely, by the continuous improvement that can be done in the mining industry and how to work together with my colleagues in search of new tools that allow improving current processes and tools.

How was your academic and personal experience of participating in an event of this magnitude?

As a group, on the academic side, we developed topics related to research, focusing on social conflicts, an important aspect for the development of our country. It should be noted that, thanks to professors and colleagues, we were able to accede to information that, for the most part, is elusive and that the vast majority of people in our country do not give it the importance it deserves, without seeing the great impact it reflects in our economy and in the daily life of the population that is directly affected.

On the personal side, we established ourselves as a group and learned to value our great friendship, showing, from the beginning, the desire to make the project a reality. After having concluded this stage, we can say that we are enthusiastic about continuing with the next projects that are coming, with the hope that many more colleagues will join us.