22nd Ibero-American Chemistry Olympiad (OIAQ2017) at PUCP


The Ibero-American Chemistry Olympiad is an international competition addressed to pre-university students. This project is purported to carry out an Olympiad where countries of the region could participate, there were 17 this year, in order to increase experience exchange and intended that Ibero-America achieves international quality standards in teaching chemical science. We gather some testimonies from the participants and winners of the event.

Andrés Fabián Salinas – Winner of Gold Medal OIAQ2017, rewarded with the Gold Medal at International Chemistry Olympiad in Thailand, and first place in the 2018 Talent Evaluation of our University.

Chemistry fascinates me, particularly organic and inorganic chemistry as I consider it can be implemented in technology and thus achieve huge progress. My preparation process, of around one year and a half, was really hard, above all, because I participated in several events such as the Peruvian Chemistry Olympiad and selective events.

Celeste Guillén Chucho – Colegio Albert Einstein, Huaraz, Peru – Winner of Silver Medal OIAQ2017

In the third year of secondary studies, my passion from chemistry grew. Since then, all my professors of the course motivated me to participate in several Olympiads conducted over the year. As I am a competitive person, it is very rewarding to represent Peru in this 22nd Ibero-American Chemistry Olympiads. In the future, my plans include studying pure chemistry, here at PUCP.

Jeykco Villavicencio Huanila – Winner of Silver Medal OIAQ2017 and rewarded with the Bronze Medal at the International Chemistry Olympiad (Thailand)

My relationship with chemistry is a little complicated. Just in the fifth year of secondary studies, I decided to do all my best. Thus, I became the best one at school, then I tried my luck at the national Olympiad and it went well. Finally, in the selective events I was ranked second place. I learned almost everything I know through self-study, devoting my time to studying as many hours as possible. My greater motivation was always to know my limits, how far I could reach.

Elena Sagüés Sesé – University of Malaga, Spain

I am very satisfied with the level and difficulty of questions raised. The organization of theoretical and practical classes, being the latter conducted in the laboratories, was up to the quality standards expected from an international event like this. Moreover, recreational activities, besides the academic ones, were also very rewarding, we enjoy it a lot.

Source: Science Department – Chemistry Section