Science and Engineering School student will obtain a degree from the University of São Paulo


The School of Science and Engineering considers fundamental to expand the horizons of formation towards international spaces. Through academic exchanges -student release and reception- learning is energized and valuable institutional collaborative links are created. Robert Mendoza, a student of the major of Civil Engineering, who is participating in the dual degree program with the University of São Paulo, tells us about his experience.

How did you encourage yourself to participate in the exchange program and double degree?

I was interested in studying at the University of São Paulo because it is a referral in Latin America. As for double degree, I was encouraged because I thought of the many benefits I can get, such as studying career courses that are not taught in Peru. But, in the end, I realized that it was much more than that. It was the best experience I had in college.

Tell us, how is the double degree process?

In general terms, the double degree process with the University of São Paulo, in the major of Civil Engineering, consists of the following: after having studied the first three years in Peru, you must study two years in Brazil, which will be validated by the fourth year of PUCP (7th and 8th semester). Returning from Brazil, you must continue studying in Peru one more year (5th year). Once a professional degree title is awarded in Peru, the degree will be awarded by the University of São Paulo.

How was the experience at the University of São Paulo?

It was very enriching because the academic level of professors is high, the exams and the works during the semester are challenging. Something important, which I would like to emphasize, is that the relationship between student and professor is closer, thus contributing enormously to the development of the student as a professional and as a person.

Personally, and without any doubt, I consider it to have been the best experience I have had in college. I consider it so because it is so integral that it encompasses good and challenging situations with which one has to coexist, so that the only result is personal and academic growth.

How was the experience of working in the Laboratory of Soil Mechanics of the University?

I remember that, as soon as I finished the Foundations class, I approached my professor Waldemar Hachich and I told him about my interest in the area of Geotechnics, immediately in such afternoon, he invited me to the Laboratory of Soil Mechanics to introduce myself to the people who worked there. It was thanks to that that I came in contact with several professors of such area, one of them being Prof. Fernando Marinho, who guided me to carry out a research work and my end-of-course project. Thanks to all this, I have the certainty of which major I want to follow: geotechnics.

What was the topic of your final degree project with which you got your degree in São Paulo?

The topic of my end-of-course project is oriented to part of the geotechnical study and analysis of a mine tailings storage dam. In this case, this project was carried out in Brazil, with a group of friends. The experience gained was, basically, more knowledge learned from the studied in the classes.

Would you recommend the exchange program and double degree to students? Why?

The experience and knowledge gained by participating in these student exchange is an added value to life that can only be understood if you do it. I would recommend that you take part in any of these exchanges offered by the University. Cheer up, there are new places to visit, and new friends to know who are waiting for you.