Six Sigma

170 credits

“The purpose of course is study the Six Sigma methodology, which means a process improvement approach under techniques utilization, such as: problem definition, process measurement, analysis of root causes and methods of optimization. It also includes the application of control of processes and the organizational structure to support the overall improvement process.


To understand the meaning and impact of improvement processes within the organization, applying and developing the foundations and tools for the measurement, analysis, optimization and control of processes.
To develop skills for identifying and solving complex problems related to process optimization with a strong focus on the customer.
All these will be achieved through the teaching of theoretical and practical classes, classroom assessments (evaluations and practices), the realization, presentation and presentation of field work and / or research. It will also seek to promote the active participation of students in the development of the subjects.

Code: IND353

carlos flores
José C. Flores Molina
Ph.D. in Industrial and Systems Engineering
Florida International University, EEUU.