Silver Medal for PUCP professors in the Korean inventions fair


The 3-phase modular triangular-shaped core transformers with Y-yokes, an invention from professors Eduardo Ísmodes and Óscar Melgarejo, was displayed in 2017 BIXPO Fair, conducted from November 1 to 3, in Korea. After trying different forms, models and transformers during 10 years, finally, professors from the Department of Engineering, achieved to find a transformer model that operates more efficiently than classic transformer.

Silver Medal

The 3-phase modular triangular-shaped core transformers with Y-yokes is an invention from both PUCP professors, which obtained the silver medal in the category Foreign Sector, in 2017 Bixpo Fair -that is organized by company Kepco (Korea Electric Power Corporation) for the third consecutive year -. But, exactly, what is a 3-phase modular triangular-shaped core transformers with Y-yokes? It is a device used to transform voltage level used in electrical devices. It may be used from high voltage levels such as 10 000 volts and reach 220 volts, regularly used in Lima. It is three-phasic because it has three cores, similar to motors, and it has three alternate current voltage sources.

It is a way of manufacturing transformers, other than traditional one, that is rather symmetrical in the drawing. The new proposal from professors allows to manufacture a core of symmetrical transformer in the space. The difference is that the proposal of our inventors allows great efficiency, less electromagnetic radiation and, eventually, is cheaper in operation and functioning than traditional. “Since the 20th century, ways of manufacturing transformers with symmetrical cores in the space have been already developed, but for their manufacture it is necessary to get more expensive machines. Our proposal is another manufacture method that does not imply high costs”, as commented by Dr. Ísmodes.

“When we talk about this type of electrical machines, our target is users of huge power. A domestic user probably does not need to use a three-phase transformer”, as explained by Eng. Melgarejo. Its target public is, then, industrial, transmission of powers over long distances and with high voltages.

Every industrial device, either it has a medium, high or low voltage motor, needs three-phase motors. The transformer is placed inside or outside machines according to their size. “Let’s imagine it is used for a boiler. If a transformer were necessary, it would be placed in a board. But, in general, when it is the case of transformers for electrical distribution, they are placed outside. They are placed outdoors or in substations that are booths”, as emphasized by Eng. Melgarejo.

2017 BIXPO

Bixpo Fair is an event that shows news about the electrical sector. Experts and companies, from everywhere around the world, interested in electricity, information science and technology, attend to show inventions with a promising future.

In 2015, both professors attended –with another transformer model– a conference in Geneva, Switzerland. “A Korean engineer approached to us there. We talked for a while and we were asked about our project”, as recalled by Eng. Melgarejo. After some time, we received an e-mail from company Kepco for the First Bixpo Fair. The same occurred this year. The invitation arrived again and, at the beginning of November, the inventors attended 2017 Bixpo Fair, this time with a new three-phase transformer.

“We presented the transformer prototype and we were given a small stand. During the three years of the fair, we displayed our transformer to a great number of visitors”, as commented by Eng. Melgarejo. Furthermore, several members of the team of the organizing company approached his stand to pose questions and for short interviews. After an evaluation, it was decided to grant them the silver medal for their invention.

“There are special awards and inventors’ associations from several parts of the world which grant private awards. Kepco, at the same time, stands out and gives gold, silver and bronze medals or not according to the level of what has been seen”, as explained by Dr. Ísmodes. However, going to the fair means going through a previous selection.

“The experience of being in a fair like this is very important, because there appear the biggest technological companies engaged in electrical industry. Here we can see the last state of art of the development of electrical devices both in high, medium and low voltage”, as mentioned by fascinated Eng. Melgarejo. Congratulations to our PUCP inventors.

Source: Punto Edu Webpage