Coloquio de Física | Biohybrid structures: a new strategy for anti-cancer drug delivery


En el marco de los Coloquios de Físicas 2016-2, organizados por la Sección de Física de la PUCP, compartimos, con todos aquellos interesados en participar, la sumilla de la ponencia que se llevará a cabo el día martes 8, a cargo de Johannes Fingernagel, del Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden (IPF), Alemania.

Coloquio 8/11, 4:30 p.m., Auditorio de Física.

Título: “Biohybrid structures: a new strategy for anti-cancer drug delivery”.

Ponente: Johannes Fingernagel


“Fighting cancer is one of the biggest issues in biomedical science. Together with classical surgical methods and radiation, chemotherapy is one of the pillars of cancer treatment. Because of the high variety of cancer types, individualized treatments, tailored to each patient, are becoming more and more necessary for a promising treatment. In addition to the active compound itself, an efficient drug delivery system is needed. In this work, we will present biohybrid conjugates of dendritic glycopolymers and proteins as a potential carrier system with tailor-made properties. By using non-covalent interactions, the assembling is free of side reactions and directly doable under physiological conditions, by controlling the particle size via the ligand-receptor ratio. Such a system shows high potential for application in a wide range of cancer treatments and diagnostics. We will show the physical characterization of the system and some of its biological properties“.

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